Kake (nou) wrote,

Coming clean.

OK, it is time to reveal what I've been up to since January.

I have been Tubewalking. I don't think anyone guessed what I was up to, even though there was a bit of a giveaway trail on Flickr and RGL. I did have a bit of a near miss when hoshuteki commented that some of my recent photos looked familiar because he'd been on a Tube walk in the area. Sorry for not being straight with you right there and then, but I really wanted to catch up with the official community before I actually told people what I was doing.

So, yeah. I caught up. I started walk 1 (Acton Town to Chiswick Park) on Friday 19 January this year, and finished walk 43 (Charing Cross to Embankment) this afternoon. The next walk is Chesham to Chalfont and Latimer, and unless something very very important gets in the way, I will be doing it with the tubewalkers on Sunday 30 September.

I kept notes on some of the walks, and even got as far as writing some of them up. For some of the walks, I took the scenic route; for others I took the route that intersected places that needed RGL photos; for still others I took the route that went past a good pub; and for the rest I just took the quickest route from start to finish. It has been an awful lot of fun, and I hope it's going to be even more fun when I'm walking the remaining 139 walks with everyone else.

This does mean that I'm going to want a new walking challenge to do on my own, since (a) I am an antisocial bugger really, and I like walking on my own, and (b) the official tubewalks don't happen as often as I like to walk. Happily, I have already figured one out.

I'm going to walk across the A-Z. All of it. The regular size, not the mini one. Every page.

This will involve crossing London ten times, for a minimum mileage of around 225 miles. I think that should keep me busy for a while.
Tags: a-z walk, london, tubewalking

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