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Open Guide to Cambridge community. [Oct. 11th, 2007|01:09 am]
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People have been asking; so I made ogcam for discussion between the users of the Open Guide to Cambridge. I've invited the people I thought might be interested, but I expect I've missed some people. Please feel free to join! Some of the discussion I expect to see there should be of interest to those of you involved with other OpenGuides sites too.

I will still post about Cambridge on my Cambridge filter if I have anything more general to say, but I expect it'd be sensible to move most of the OpenGuides-specific discussion over there.

(There's also rglondon for people interested in RGL, though that's currently an announcement-only community — I'd be happy to open it up as a more discussion-oriented thing if that's what people wanted though.)

(Also also, the general OpenGuides project has a Twitter account fed by the bot on our IRC channel, #openguides on irc.perl.org)