Kake (nou) wrote,

Wanted — PHP people (not a job ad, sorry)

Hello. I recently met the chap who runs Last Rounds, a London pub review site which focuses on giving information about pub opening hours, the location and opening times of nearby public toilets, and first/last departure times for nearby public transport.

He is a very nice person (and was really enthusiastic about RGL, which was pleasing). He has lots of ideas for what he wants to do with his site, but he's not actually a programmer. I said I'd ask around for people who might be interested in helping him out. The site runs on a content management system called Joomla, which is written in PHP.

Factors which may sway your decision:
» There's no money involved for you; this is not his job, but a hobby site. (He does make a very small amount of money from a text messaging service associated with the site.)
» The content on the site is All Rights Reserved rather than Creative Commons (I haven't actually asked him if he'd consider changing this).

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