November 9th, 2005


Help needed with Word.

Yes, yes, I know, Word, but I have to use it for this.

This is "Microsoft Word X for Mac" running on OS X. I have Track Changes turned on, and all the Autocorrect and Autoformat options turned off. With the first document I ever edited with this, everything worked fine - it put my changes in red and when I put the mouse over them it said "Kake Pugh, (date): Inserted" or "Kake Pugh, (date): Deleted", all fabulous.

However, it's started to go wrong. Some of the corrections in this document are coming up as "Unknown, (date): Inserted" and in light blue instead. I can't figure out what's triggering it. Sometimes, something that used to be red decides to turn light blue when I finish typing something else further down.

(Edit to make the problem clearer: It seems to change its mind from moment to moment - like, I'll type something and it'll come up in red, and I'll type something a few seconds later and it'll be light blue, then the next thing I type will be red again.)

Can anyone help me figure out how to make it play nice? Pleeeease?

Update: Thanks all for the advice. A reboot seems to have fixed it - I suspect it was a disk space issue. (No, I don't understand why rebooting OS X frees up large quantities of disk space, but it does. I also do not understand why I never seem to remember the "try rebooting it" form of computer troubleshooting. Next time I have Mac troubles, could someone remind me to try it?)