November 8th, 2007


Best TV series ever.

Slightly along the lines of publicansdecoy's Arsehole of the Year competition, I want to find out what you lot think is the best TV series ever.

We start with nominations; please nominate here. Any TV series is eligible, whether it's shown in the UK, the USA, Wales, Brazil, whatever. Soaps, documentaries, cooking shows, current shows, shows that were last seen in the seventies. Everything that gets nominated will get entry into the final poll, unless there are more than 200 nominations, in which case some form of triage will take place.

The final poll will be posted during the weekend of 1-2 December 2007. It will be a radio button poll, because otherwise counting the votes would be tedious. Note: this means that in the final voting you'll only get to vote for one series. Voting will close some time during the weekend of 29-30 December 2007.

There is an extra competition to guess which series I think is the best ever. Go on, have a go.

I think Kake thinks the best TV series ever is...