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Support Croydon! pub crawl, Saturday 10 September

Support Croydon! therealdrhyde and I have planned a pub crawl to support certain of the local businesses that were damaged and/or lost trading hours during the riots. This is happening on Saturday 10 September! Here's the list of pubs we'll be visiting, in order, starting at the Ship of Fools at 2pm:

Ship of Fools, 9-11 London Road, CR0 2RE
accessibility: step-free access to bar, most of the seating, and RADAR-locked accessible toilet; reasonable gaps between tables; no music
Old Fox and Hounds, 1 London Road, CR0 2RE
accessibility: step-free access to bar, most of the seating, and the ladies' toilet; not sure about gents'; music but not loud; some narrow places to get through
Tamworth Arms, 62 Tamworth Road, CR0 1XW
accessibility: 3 or 4 steps to get in; step-free to bar, seating area, and toilets once you're in; access to toilets is narrow though; more steps to beer garden; potential radio and/or quiet(ish) music
Green Dragon, 60 High Street, CR0 1NA
accessibility: step-free access to all areas of pub including accessible toilet; potential loud(ish) music
Royal Standard, 1 Sheldon Street, CR0 1SS
accessibility: low step (about an inch) at side entrance, larger step at front; step-free to bar, toilets, and about half of the seating once you're in; no music

Three of these were definitely affected by the riots — access to the Ship of Fools was blocked off by the council for a good few days while they were clearing up, the Old Fox and Hounds had boards up for a bit though I think they were still trading for most of it, and the Green Dragon had at least one window broken. We're finishing at the Royal Standard mainly because it's an excellent pub.

(Edit: Removed Arkwrights Wheel as it's about to turn into a shisha bar; replaced it with the Green Dragon.)

This is a public post — please feel free to link to it, and to invite people along.

If you're on my friends list, you can get my mobile number here (please don't pass this on without asking me first).

(Edit: Have updated with details of step-free access for all pubs. See RGL links for wordier versions.)

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