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Wanted: person with an interest in Cambridge (the UK one) - I know it's wonky and I don't care — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wanted: person with an interest in Cambridge (the UK one) [Oct. 30th, 2012|03:03 pm]
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Hello! For a few years now I've been looking after the Open Guide to Cambridge — removing spam, trying to keep the info up to date, and posting newsletters on the ogcam community. However, I'm feeling a bit overloaded with projects at the moment, and hence need to cut back on some of my responsibilities. Unfortunately, this looking-after of the Cambridge guide is one that has to go.

Are you a person with an interest in Cambridge? Would you like to help maintain the guide? You don't have to actually live in the city to do what I've been doing (I actually live in London), but familiarity with the city would be helpful.

Here are the things that I've been doing. Ideally, they would all continue to happen, but even if only some of them do, that's better than nothing. These don't all need to be done by the same person.

  • Keep an eye on Recent Changes; remove any obvious spam, check new entries/edits for typos/etc, and clarify any points of confusion that may arise.
  • Read each new issue of the Cambridge CAMRA newsletter and transfer any relevant information to the Cambridge guide (remembering to give CAMRA full credit for the information, as done here).
  • Check local estate agents' listings (e.g. Januarys) every so often for pubs/restaurants/shops that have gone on the market, to see if any of our entries may have closed.
  • Monitor ogcam and deal with any matters arising there.
  • Keep track of any interesting changes on the guide, and post them every 2-3 months on ogcam.

Here are some things I haven't been doing, mainly because I don't live in Cambridge:

  • Visit places in Cambridge and write them up.
  • Wander around Cambridge to check that places on the guide are actually still there.
  • Promote the guide to people within Cambridge.
  • Design (or find someone to design) a decent stylesheet for the site so it isn't all so grey and depressing-looking.

This is a public post — please feel free to point people here. (I know there are at least a couple of Cambridge communities on LiveJournal; if you're a regular poster on one of them, and you know that the rules of the community allow it, I'd appreciate you mentioning it there. I am not a regular poster on any of them, so don't feel it's appropriate to do this myself.)

I am absolutely 100% happy to remain available to answer any technical questions about using the guide.


[User Picture]From: nou
2012-11-01 12:44 pm (UTC)
Unless you've changed it in the past year, yes I do :)
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