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Inspired by a conversation with vashti.

If you'd like me to send you a couple of home-packed sachets of interesting dried herbs/spices/other stuff from my copious collection of Large Packets Of Dried Things That I Will Never Use Up In This Lifetime, please enter your address below.

I buy lots of dried stuff in bulk, and often the bulk packets are way huger than I really need. I want to share the tasty with my friends. I'm not trying to get rid of out-of-date stuff; I'm trying to make sure things get used up before they go out of date!

Postage is cheap for things this light, and giving people things makes me happy, so please please do ask for something. You can ask for someone else if you like. Or for two someone elses. Or for yourself and fifteen relatives. As long as I have a name and address to send to, I will. Overseas is cool too, though you'll have to wait a bit longer. You do not have to be an IRL friend, and you do not have to be on my friends list. This offer is open to anyone who reads this. Please feel free to point people here if you think they'd be interested.

Oh, and if there's something you really don't want (e.g. you hate dill, or you already have a ground coriander mountain) then mention that, to avoid disappointment. Conversely, if there's something that you really want but you find hard to get hold of where you live, then mention that too! I may not have it, but if I do, then it would be great to be able to send you some.

Answers to this poll are only visible to me, so it's safe to enter your address.

Hello Kake!

I read this!
Nice idea!

I would like a surprise packet of tasty things! My name and address are:

And I know someone else who would like one too! They are:

And someone else too! But if there is anyone else apart from this, I will email you at kake@earth.li to save you having to make this poll even larger.

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