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Places to get ebooks and audio books. Short stories, novels, non-fiction. For free and for pay. I'll update this as I find/remember more. Recommendations welcome. Last update: November 2010.

  • Free audio:
  • Pay-for audio:
    • audible.com - Various formats. They claim to do mp3 but they really mean DRMed AAC (Apple format, iTunes can play it).
  • Free text:
  • Pay-for text:
    • Fictionwise - novels, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, download in various formats including PalmDoc and PDF. Pay per book. Reasonable prices, friendly and efficient customer service. Often has a few freebies too - search for prices between $0 and $0 to find them - which could be out-of-copyright fiction, nominees for recent SF awards, etc.
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