Kake (nou) wrote,

GPS devices?

Hello. I'm looking for a GPS device, as inexpensive as possible. I asked martling and he said my best bet was probably a Garmin eTrex, which costs around £60. (Presumably the cable for connecting it to my iBook will cost extra.)

So I was wondering (a) if anyone here has any experience with this device — is it definitely happy talking to an iBook? What does the data look like when it comes out? — and (b) if anyone has one (or something equally suited to my requirements) lying about that they want to sell on.

The main thing I want is to be able to stand somewhere and tell it to record the location of that point and let me put in a label for it, then when I get home pull out all the points I recorded as CSV or something like that, and do Sums on them to turn them into OSGB coordinates and other useful things. It needs to be able to talk to my iBook, and I'd prefer if it had a rechargeable battery rather than me having to keep buying new batteries for it. I don't want to have to carry my laptop around with me, so it needs to be independent.

I'd also quite like it if I could occasionally tell it to record points every minute or so until I tell it to stop (this is called a GPS trace, yes?), but that's less important.

Edited to add: This is mainly for use within London, i.e. a city with many tall buildings. If that makes a difference.
Tags: gps, os x

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