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Randomness Guide to London. [Apr. 22nd, 2007|05:36 pm]
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rjw1 made a community — rglondon — for me to post news about the Randomness Guide to London. I invited a few people I thought might be interested, but it was a very quick pass over my friends list, and I'm sure I've missed people. Please feel free to join if you are interested! There shouldn't be more than a post a day, possibly as little as a post a week; it depends on how productive I'm being. The only people with posting access are me and Bob.

(If you got an invitation but aren't interested, just decline it; I won't be offended.)

From: mstevens
2007-04-22 04:52 pm (UTC)
What's the difference between this project and london.openguides.org?
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[User Picture]From: nou
2007-04-22 04:55 pm (UTC)
A rough summary: it has different people running it; it's focused on things of interest to its major contributors (at the moment, this is pubs, restaurants, interesting food and craft shops) rather than trying to cover everything related to London; it links to Wikipedia rather than covering historical topics itself; and it assumes some knowledge of London rather than trying to cater to tourists.
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From: mstevens
2007-04-22 05:07 pm (UTC)
Seems reasonable.
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